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Wyn Glencross

Wyn has over 40 years' service in the NHS and has employed her experience to become one of the most sought-after Medico-Legal Expert Witnesses in the UK. Through her trailblazing work in this field, Wyn has brought together many like-minded associates to meet the demand for Medico-Legal Expert Witness Reports.
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Business Manager

Karen Clayton

Karen's role is to manage all key aspects of GMS and Associates. From building relationships with clients to ensuring Experts have the support they need; Karen has a wealth of industry knowledge enabling her to deliver excellent customer service.
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Professional smiling headshot of the business manager, Karen Clayton, against a grey background.
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Senior Legal Quality Controller

Sally Lock

Sally collaborates closely with our Expert Witnesses and offers thorough medical-legal report writing assistance. With over 8 years valuable paralegal experience within the clinical negligence field, Sally has a thorough understanding of the complexities of clinical negligence and the importance of CPR protocol.
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